Soul Retrieval


Multidimensional Soul Retrieval

Multidimensional Soul Retrieval (MSR) is an exciting level of personal healing. For myself, there have been many times when I felt empty and incomplete. I felt outside of life and the experience was of being just an observer and not a participant. As I came to the realization that parts of me were missing, I went looking for them.

At first, I was only traveling in this space/time matrix, but it wasn’t enough. Eventually my spiritual healing gifts began to expand and one of the most exciting ones was the ability to travel interdimensionally. This expansion reached out to the outermost realities! The Cosmos became my playground and there were aspects of me everywhere!

As I journeyed further into this work, I came to understand that our 3d Soul in this matrix was our strongest consciousness and it had the ability to integrate all of us that could be found and actualize our ascension process! The thought of going home to Source became a reality and a truth for me.


Multidimensional Soul Retrieval

The Process

Step 1: Client requests the work and gives permission for the work to be done.

Step 2: Soul Retrieval journey to locate missing Aspects.

Step 3: Communicate with Aspects to determine their Free Will Choice for the outcome.

Step 4: Aspect has a choice of 2 outcomes.

Note: Aspect does not wish to stay where they are or they would not have allowed themselves to be found.

Choice 1: Be integrated with 3d Soul.

Choice 2: Choose freedom & a healing journey path.

Note: It is important to note that many of these Aspects have been abused, tortured, or imprisoned for eons and they can’t handle any more turmoil and want only to find a safe place to heal.

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