Prayer Work

prayinghandsMaster Prayer

A Master Prayer is a prayer that may be used at any time during any crisis to center and ground ourselves so that dealing with whatever is happening in our daily experience becomes easier and less stressful. By reading or saying it daily, we can then begin to reprogram our belief system so that we are connected to Source and supported in all that we do. As we incorporate and embody this new habit and belief, improvement in our lives will become visible and we will be encouraged to make the changes needed to live a healthy, loving, grace-filled existence.

Let your Prayers speak to you: Allow me into your life so that I may help you experience God Source in action. Let me be a support as you find your way through the darkness into the Light of God allowing it to shine clearly through you and to light your way as you journey home!

 Affirmative Healing Prayer

Daily affirm this in your life

Knowing and accepting that All is God Source, I can accept that I always live within and through this infinite, unfolding conscious manifestation! Knowing this truth as the foundation of my existence, I know that I am empowered by Source to manifest in Divine Right Order and Timing the world I choose to live!

I now choose a world where the attributes of Grace, Inner Beauty, Wealth, Peace, Love Unfolding, Kindness, Sharing, Mindfulness, and _________________ reside within my Consciousness Beingness!

Further, as my consciousness evolves to become this and more, I know that the world around me is also evolving to becoming this and more! Our world grows as One healing All as we interact with each other as Beloved Children of a Loving Source.  This world is blessed to have all of us here to make a difference through Service, Love, and being the best Being we can be.

I give such glorious thanks for all that were, all that we are, and all that we are becoming!

And so it is, Amen

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